FAQs for Videos

  1. How can I pay ? – By Credit Card ,Debit Card, by Google Pay or by direct Bank Transfer.
  2. Are fees Refundable / What if I have doubts whether this will work for me ? – We suggest that you see our FREE Videos initially. Be satisfied with our QUALITY. Once you are satisfied, then, you can make a payment. However, we are unable to give a refund, after you have purchased a membership, because of the nature of our content.
  3. How does our system work or how should I use the videos to study better ? – Basically, our videos are designed to clarify any student’s concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Math. So a student can view our videos, understand concepts, then, practice theory questions and numericals from the textbooks. If he has any doubts, he can see the videos again to understand the topic better.
  4. How many times can I see any video, only once, twice or multiple times ???- There is no restriction on the number of times one can see a video. You can see a video multiple times, to understand the concept better or to revise the topic again, in the future.
  5. What is the advantage of videos over reading from textbooks, notebooks ?? – When a student sees videos, he feels as if a teacher is teaching him, in person. Also, if he forgets the concepts, he can revise the concepts again, by seeing the videos. It is like a teacher teaching again and again and again…
  6. Should I just purchase your membership or should I join a coaching class? – We recommend that you join some coaching class. In our experience with many coaching classes, some teachers are very good whereas others are not. So a student may understand some subjects well but, may not be proficient in some other.. Our videos are designed to fill these gaps. We are NOT suggesting replacing a human, by videos, at this stage. However, our videos will help a student understand those concepts that he does not understand in class or college and also, to revise concepts at a later stage when he has long forgotten what was taught, months ago in college or class. Our fees for these videos are also affordable, as per today’s times – so that anyone joining a coaching institute can purchase it as a supplementary material for studying better and improving performances..
  7. Any extra information or our views that we wish to give about this project -We sincerely wish to HELP students understand Physics, Chemistry and Math better. In many schools, colleges or classes, students are unable to understand the fundamentals of these subjects. Then, the same students, who were formerly meritorious in school, become victims of poor teaching and do badly in exams, lose confidence and develop a FEAR , instead of LOVE, for these subjects. We wish to touch lives and help more students ENJOY Phy, Chem and Math.. Also, so many underprivileged students, who cannot afford the fees of Renowned Coaching classes, should also, get an opportunity to learn Math and Sciences at a low cost.. Hence, our project !!!

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