FAQs For Online Teaching

  • Why Online Coaching ? – Many times, students and parents are unable to find a great teacher , with whom the student is extremely comfortable. Then, the student learns from some teacher who is easily accessible, the only criterion being proximity or nearness to the teacher. In today’s Time and Age, with access to good internet speeds and smartphones, etc , it is easily possible to Learn from an exceptionally inspiring teacher Online. The criterion should be a great teacher and not physical distance…. Why settle for something lesser…
  • How is the system ? – We teach the student using certain apps. The student downloads these apps on his mobile phone or Laptop. We teach using a virtual whiteboard, etc from our device. The student can see on his device whatever we are showing on ours. He can hear our explanations. He understands the subject comfortably, sitting at home.
  • Can we attend Trial sessions ? – Yes, you may attend 2 trial sessions and then, pay our fees.
  • What device should a student have ? – Any smartphone or Laptop is sufficent.
  • Is a headphone – mike set necessary ? – If a student has an external headphone, mike , then he can use it. If he does not have one, he can use the speaker and mike of his phone. No need to purchase anything new.
  • Do you take tests ? – Yes . We take weekly tests, check papers and return the corrected papers. Everything is done.
  • Do you give homework ? – Yes . We give reasonable homework, almost daily. We check the homework daily.
  • Do you clear doubts of students? – Yes. If Students ask doubts during the lecture, we clarify them there itself. If students have doubts later, we clear those one – on – one separately.
  • Do you dictate notes ? – Yes. We sincerely believe that students should WRITE [ and NOT just read ] derivations, draw diagrams, solve numericals. So we do all this . Everyday , students send us the notes written and the homework. So, we can check the same and suggest corrections, improvements , if any.
  • What if a student misses a lecture due to poor internet connectivity at his home ? – In this case, we share the recording of our lecture or we teach that student, the missed concepts.
  • Do you think the system works ? – Yes, absolutely !! We have been doing this, since quite some time. Students are benefiting . Our system is so designed that it is as good as classroom coaching.
  • Will the student be able to meet the teachers in person – Yes, occasionally , the student can come over to our class and meet up. We request that this should be done with prior appointment , at a mutually convenient time.
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